The Senior Department library is open to all pupils during break times. Most pupils will also visit the library with their English teachers or form teachers. With over 5000 books and a wide variety of newspapers, magazines and graphic novels the library provides a welcoming and stimulating reading environment.


We regularly update our school reading lists to reflect the wonderful selection of books now available. The lists are not exhaustive but they contain a variety of genres and authors. Some books are more challenging than others and boys are encouraged to speak to the Librarian if they would like any guidance with their book choices.


Love Reading 4 Schools


Love Reading 4 Schools has been set-up to help parents view and if they wish, buy books from their school’s recommended reading lists. To register for the site please click on the link above and create an account.

You can find our reading lists, broken down by academic year, below:


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Year 7


Year 8